A note to all my fellow mommas – Just relax! (:

Most everyone wants portraits. Once you become a mother, you want to document every moment of your child’s life. Thankfully the invention of cameras in cell phones has made that 100 times easier! But sometimes you want something higher quality, portrait art you can hang on your wall, you want someone who can capture moments with you included as well. All too often moms are only on one side of the camera, and it’s not the side showing you interacting with your child.

So, you decide to invest in hiring a professional photographer. You’ve spent hours researching photographers in your area, finally found the perfect one to match your needs, and now you’ve got a portrait session scheduled!

The next big task at hand is selecting outfits. What color do you go with? Does your style lean more towards bold colors and patterns, or simple, neutral colors? What will everyone wear for shoes? Do some of us accessorize? Oh gosh, nails need painted or someone needs a hair cut! What about Fido? Fido needs to be included in some portraits, better get him groomed! And what if the kids don’t sit still and smile nice?

There’s definitely a lot to consider once you’ve got your session booked, but it doesn’t have to stress you out. I am always happy to help with outfit ideas and suggestions to make that part easier on you. I want to help you through every aspect of your portrait session. As for shoes.. go barefoot any chance you’re given, especially the kiddos! (: And please don’t worry about how your children will be behave during your session. When you stress about it, they tend to pick up on that.


My favorite part about sessions that include kids is just letting them do their thing. I want them to have fun, laugh and smile naturally. Big, happy grins are my favorite! I’ve got three children of my own and I don’t know about yours..but mine tend to do the opposite of what I want them to, haha! Generally if you show up to your session asking your child to “sit down and say cheese”, they’re likely not going to cooperate. The best thing you can do is take a deep breath, relax, and let me capture genuine emotions during your session. Some kids even do better if I have parents walk away for a bit!

I want your kids to LOVE being photographed. I want them to remember getting their pictures taken as something they enjoy whether it means running through the grass, blowing bubbles, painting a canvas, snuggling their favorite stuffed animal or blowing glitter into the air. It’s meant to be an experience and a way to capture memories of their childhood.

Because that’s what portraits are all about, right? In 20 years, you’ll pull out the picture of your son, daughter or family and reflect back on that moment..remembering the way their eyes squinted closed when they laughed, their excitement of patting your pregnant belly and knowing there’s a baby in there, or the dimples on their chubby 1 year old hand holding yours. It’s not about sitting perfectly and smiling directly into the camera with eyes wide open. No, it’s more about preserving the little things you may not easily recall someday down the road.

Because as we all know..”the days go slow, but the years go fast“.